Made to measure Bespoke Mirrors

Mirrors don’t just have to be used for checking out how gorgeous you are! When placed correctly in the home or workplace they can offer more light by reflecting the natural daylight, or even give the illusion of more┬ároom space. Quite a handy trick for expanding those cramped spaces (ever wondered why almost all elevators have mirrors in them?). Whether you are after a small vanity mirror or looking to kit out an entire gymnasium, Three Spires Glass has the mirrors for you…

Illusion of space

039Mirrors can be processed and shaped to offer a snug fit. When placed in the correct position, a mirror can bring a whole new perspective to a room. The picture (left) shows a 6mm silvered mirror shaped to fit the brick alcove. The resulting effect gives the appearance of a whole new room behind the wall.


Commercial Mirrors

Three Spires Glass offer a survey, manufacture and installation service, putting the responsibility solely on us to create the desired finish product. Mirrors are usually glued into place by using a neutral mirror adhesive that will not corrode the mirrors silvering over time. For mirrors that are screwed fix, we offer safety filmed back mirror to safeguard accidental damage.

For high risk areas Three Spires Glass can supply and fit poly-carbonate (a form of plastic) which have very high break thresholds.


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